Why We Re-Enact ... A Mission Statement


Why do we re-enact. Hmmm ... At once a both easy and difficult question to answer. Obviously each of us has our own personal reasons for re-enacting, but their exists a very common thread through all of us. The most obvious one is that we all possess a passion for honoring and meeting with those heroes who fought in World War II. Therefore we research the smallest details, search for exacting equipment, and attempt to portray these heroes in as accurate way as we possibly can. We spend a lot of time and money researching and locating equipment, uniforms, and weapons. Research certainly os NOT watching the "Band of Brothers" series.


Meeting veterans and talking about their experiences excite us. We, whenever possible, try to ensure that at least one veteran is with us at each events. Our ultimate goal is to honor and learn from these great men. In not so many years in the not so distant future, they will no longer be with us. So we cannot, and do not, miss an opportunity to spend time with them and listened to their stories.

  In today's schools, the war in which these great men fought to save the world we live in today, is being slowly removed from the curriculum and the history books used in the classes. One local school system spends three days to go over World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. That's three days total! What a slap in the face to the families and friends of all those who didn't come back home. The above picture shows the dead being sorted from D-Day. It's a shame that their sacrifice is being ignored due to political correctness.

  This is where our group comes in. We love talking about World War II history. At every event, we are constantly doing talks and showing vintage equipment. We talk in schools and to civic clubs. And, as stated before, we bring vets.

  Why do we do the 101st Airborne? Well, the 101st Airborne is probably one of the most recognized divisions in the entire war and the airborne were THE elite fighting divisions in World War II. Plus, people see the eagle on the shoulder and are instantly drawn in. However, we honor all veterans from any division and do whatever we can to get them to our events. We've had veterans from the 99th Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne, 17th Airborne, and the Navy stay and spend time in our encampments. We love them all.

  In conclusion, our mission statement can be summed up with this sentence; we learn from, honor, and emulate our heroes so that we can teach the next generation of the sacrifices they made to keep the world free.