Command Staff


Commanding Officer:

Alek "Shoomie" Shoomiloff (1st Lt)

Alek has been reenacting since 2009. He is based in New Jersey and works as a project manager for a major construction firm in New York City.


Executive Officer / 1st Sergeant / Authenticity NCO:

Nick "Stretch" Cheremeteff (1st Sgt)

Nick has 10 years of reenacting experience.  Nick has also done extensive research on the Airborne in the ETO, by traveling to various battle sights accross Europe. He is based in New York where he works as a freelance illustrator.


Tech Sergeant:

Scott "Taylor" Lightsey (T/4-Sgt)


Tech Corporal:

Michael "Papa Squid" McGuire (T/5-Cpl)


Recruitment/Training NCO:


Christopher "Farb-Hand" Croft (Sgt - 1st Platoon)


Andrei Mouravieff (Cpl - 1st Platoon)


Chris "Goose" Wildgoose (Sgt - 2nd Platoon)


Andy "Blyatman" McCoy (Cpl - Second Platoon)


James Peterson (1st Sgt-Honorary)


Eric "Short Round" Kalamaja (1st Sgt-Honorary)


Unit Members


Spencer Atkinson (Pvt)


Alexander Djurdjinnovic (Pvt)


JS Fletch (Pvt)


Mathew "Kazoo" Gerstein (Pvt)


Michael Kazmierczak (Pvt)


Max "Mad Max" Khazov (Pvt)


Bobby Luscombe (Pvt)


Alex "Poco" Pokrovsky (Pvt)


Matt Sands (Pvt)


Serge Sarandinaki (Pvt)


Ben Wescott (Pvt)


Ryan Wood (Pvt)


Prospective Members


Sean Bergin 

Ian Christopher  
Kerry E. McCorkle, Jr  
Josh "Gypo" Bostic    
Kevin Frank